Hazael Design Furniture
Character Oak Dining Tables

  Character Oak Dining Table with Square Legs
  Below:                         Below:                             Below:                          Below:                             Below:                          
   Square Leg Detail       Diamond Inlay on Top     Table Top                    Table Top Detail             Top EdgeDetail           
   Limed Character Oak Dining Table
  Below:                                         Below:                         Below:     
  End of Table Detail                     Detail of Knots            Table top from Above                                                                   
Character Oak Natural Waxed Dining Table A Framed Legs and Metal Supports.
Below:                                                                                      Below:                                       Below:
Side view with metal detail.                                                      Leg detail showing metal join.  Table leg and support.
 Character Oak Split Top Table: Unique Design in 3 parts
Below:                                                               Below:                                 Below:
Side view showing split top and 3 supports      Top and central view          Side Top detail view showing metal support
Small Character Oak Top Table: painted legs
Below Picture taken outside for indoor use.