Hazael Design     
Reclaimed Timber  - Original Design - Hand Made Furniture
Reclaimed Timber Bedroom Furniture
King Size Bed with Slatted Headboard
Available in any size. Custom hand made and waxed from reclaimed timber
.Other bed designs available
Photo by courtesy of customer
Beds are custom & hand made to order. Any size available with a variety of design. Please refer to
photos below for a small collection. Also available in Oak. Please contact Roger on 01202 888853
at our workshop for a quotation. Alternatively, email roger@hazaeldesign.com
Left & Right:
High double bed
with headboard
designed for small
space. Bedside
cupboards to match.

Below:Four Post Bed with High Head Board: Available to order in different sizes
Sun Ray Headboard: Custom & hand made from
reclaimed timber. Available to any size. Photo by
courtesy of client K.
Below and above Custom Made Bedroom Furniture
Hand and custom made from reclaimed timber stained to dark walnut and
hand waxed.
Above and right: reclaimed timber built in cupboards.
Below Left, middle and right:
floor standing reclaimed timber mirror on a stand ,2 drawer bedside  cupboards, 6 drawer reclaimed
timber chest of drawers and 5 drawer chest of drawers.
chest of drawers
Left Right and Below:
reclaimed timber 2 door 1 drawer wardrobe, 6 drawer
reclaimed timber chest of drawers and a pai of 2 drawer
bedside cupboards